End users’ well-being and the quality of what we create are our priorities.

We believe in:

  • Simple and beautiful products
  • Great customer experience
  • Social responsibility
  • Opennes and honesty
Dino Accoto
President, CEO
Fond of anything shared and open, and passionate about useful engineering pieces serving a better living, Dino is the promoter and one of the co-founders of ICan robotics. He is also associate professor of Industrial Bioengineering at University Campus Bio-medico of Rome, co-inventor of several patents on robotics and microengineering and co-author of many papers and book chapters.
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Maria Teresa Francomano
Chief Operating Officer
Maria Teresa is in charge of coordinating and optimizating all operational and strategic activities of ICan robotics. She earned a PhD in Industrial Bioengineering from University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome and a Master in Business Administration from MIP - Politecnico di Milano.
Angelo Sudano
Chief Technology Officer
Angelo Sudano is co-founder and partner of ICan robotics. He serves as CTO and chief mechatronic engineer. Angelo is a technology hunter and is responsible for the developmet of actuation systems, electronics, firmware and software of ICan robotics products. He earned the BS, MS and PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering from University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome.
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Mario Donnici
Chief Product Officer
Mario is in charge of the mechanical design, production and post-market assistance. Before joining ICan robotics, Mario was in Calabrian High Tech srl, where he co-patented a novel device for laparoscopic surgery. He earned both a BS and PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calabria and a MS degree in Biomedical Engineering from University Campus Bio-medico of Rome. He also spent a year at University of Toronto as a visiting scholar working in the field of computer vision for the motion capture of deformable objects using a multi-camera active vision system.
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