ICan robotics is a privately held SME, incorporated in 2014, with solid roots in over a decade of applied research conducted at University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, of which it is a spin-off company.

The “mission” is to free people from physical limitations that impact quality of life.


ICan robotics develops robotic technologies for the rehabilitation and physical assistance of people with neurological, orthopedic or ageing-induced disorders.

The company develops and markets innovative and easy-to-use products, operating in compliance with the highest quality standards concerning safe and effective medical equipment.

ICAN robotics is at the forefront in the development of effective rehabilitation and assistance systems, which can be employed not only in cutting-edge medical facilities, but also at the patient’s home, for a better quality of life.

scheda-elettronicaSince its products are fully developed in house, from design to testing, ICan robotics is able to provide a highly effective post-market service.

In addition, leveraging on its ability to analyze needs and find solutions, and capitalizing on a large set of proprietary technologies, the company is able to rapidly develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of both healthcare professionals (physiatrists, neurologists and physiotherapists) and patients .

ICan robotics puts robotics at work for people, to protect their active and independent life.